Solar Power

Today, people are getting more and more concerned about the effect of burning fossil fuels as a source of energy. Researchers, scientists, and even ordinary people are making a stand towards attaining a more renewable source of energy. The past two decades are revolutionary when it comes to getting the technology needed in taking that leap into sustainable power, and more options are now available to the public. There’s hydroelectric power, there’s wind-power turbines, but the most available and compact option is solar power.

Throughout history, people have been utilizing the power of the sun. Man discovered refraction and used the sun’s rays to build fire. The very presence of the sun during daytime provides ample lighting to our homes and building, hence the movement towards architectural designs that lean towards using the sun, like sky roofs, sun decks, and large windows. The sun’s rays also provide heating to our homes. Solar energy is also being utilized to heat water, and for homes that are off the grid, the sun’s rays is also used to distill water to make it safer for drinking.

Traditionally, energy comes from burning fossil fuels. Power companies use petroleum or coal to run power generators, that in turn creates electricity which are delivered to our homes. The problem in creating energy this way is that it depends so much on a non-renewable source. Not only that, burning any type of fuel is very harmful to the environment. Burning fuel releases Carbon Dioxide, one of the Greenhouse gases that contribute to the drastic climate change we are experiencing more and more over these years. Many environmental groups and even different countries have already geared-up in the fight to reducing man’s carbon footprint to the environment, and one of the solutions that they came up with is to harness the sun’s power to supply our homes with electricity.

With today’s technological advancements, the application of solar power to various industries seems endless. The most important application perhaps is that solar energy can now be converted into electricity via a process called Photovoltaics – a process of harnessing the sun’s solar energy and changing its form into electric currents via solar cells. Over the years, Photovoltaics applications have become more compact and readily available to the public. Aside from powering entire buildings and structures, solar energy is now used to charge hand-held devices, street-lighting, and even small vehicles. Solar cells are also more compact now, it can be used to power smaller structures like our homes.

The technological advancements brought about by Photovoltaics will help a lot in minimizing our effects to the environment, will decrease our dependency on oil, and will pave the way for a cleaner, greener environment for future generations. Having solar power in one’s home or business should be a priority of everyone who wants to help save the environment. With the help of Smithco Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we can help you establish a solar-powered home or business. Achieve that independence from fossil fuel dependency and create a cleaner, safer environment for your children today. Call Smithco Mechanical Heating & Cooling and find out how.